Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book Now! at East Coast House & Garden Show

The Book Now! advertising campaign is rolling out and will be in evidence at the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show next week. The aim is to ensure the quality of business listings on the Book Now! website so that each search returns useful information.

Already our google ads have been displayed over 120 000 times in the first month and these figures are spiralling.

Meet the Programmer

Here's Shvek Singh - Book Now's web programmer. Shvek is busy putting the finishing touches to the Book Now booking module which is due to go live within days. We were anxious to go live and get our listings up and running with the booking module to follow and this is thankfully imminent. Well done Shvek on an outstanding job so far.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Now biz buzzing

Meet Matt Penney, Marketing guru for Book Now! who has been handling the Durban Highway area meeting biznesses and helping get the online directory flying since it's launch 2 weeks ago.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Get your Book Now! Franchise

If you've got marketing flair and business skills, you can now get a Book Now! Franchise and your slice of the online pie.
Franchises are available in select areas of South Africa and can ensure that you grow as the online booking business in South Africa grows as well. Indications are that this will become one of the fastest internet growth areas - online bookings. Get your slice of the pie by clicking on the email link (see above) on the franchise page of our site and completing the information required.

Live on the net...

The Book website was officially launched on the net on Wednesday 28 May 2008 going live with 15 000 businesses listed. This is just the beginning and with the sister site SA Info Now! we expect to have South Africa covered with both a comprehensive listing of South African businesses coupled with the ability to book services, restaurant tables and guesthouse rooms online. The sky is the limit. Congratulations to webmaster Shvek on getting us up and running. We are now making adjustments to the site and building the booking module.
Premium Listing - also introduced was our Premium listing with enhanced features and the ability once registered to place your business in the top 20 of the search results.