Monday, November 3, 2008

Free link up - two great options to get Bookings

There are now two options to get the Book Now module up and running for your business.

The first is FREE setup and NO annual premiums, and a commission charge of 9,5% of the value of the booking received off our site.
The second option is our highly successful small annual setup/subscription service at R350 per annum (Premium listing) or R525 per annum (Premium Plus listing) with a 9,5% or 11,5% booking charge for bookings received.

The Premium and Premium Plus listings appear above the free annual subscription listings.

And if you are likely to get many bookings, or rates drop on a sliding scale to as little as R3,50 per booking!! This is highly competitive and unique in the market place.

50% growth in one month!!

The month of October recorded a phenomenal 50% growth over September's users of the Book Now website, ending with 5300 recorded unique visits by the end of the day and over 110 000 hits on the site. This is amazing results for the few weeks that Book Now has been in existence.

With the website fully functional we are taking on Book Now advertisers on a daily basis all wanting to make sure their services and products are bookable at a click by the thousands of inernet users looking for immediate results and answers to their booking queries. You can upgrade your account to the Booking Module by clicking on the radio button under your business details page. If you are not already an advertiser, click on the Registration button now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Book Now door-to-door

In addition to our internet advertising, here's Book Now going out door-to-door. We also have a street bin campaign out at the moment - all helping to get us out in the market-place.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're up in the night lights

Our new Durban Billboard is up and running at the major intersection of Argyle and Umgeni Roads!!! Wow!! We look good in the night lights. Have you Booked? And if your business is not yet listed... go for it now - register here.

Book Now Marketing Manager, Matt Penney, with our Durban billboard by day.

Some Google stats : The number of people who searched in South Africa in the last 4 months for which our Book Now advert appeared-

46 030 guests searched on Google for a hotel, B&B or Guesthouse
21 618 patients searched for a doctor, dentist or optometrist
22 472 patrons searched for a restaurant
11 199 clients searched for an attorney
2 824 clients searched for a hairdresser or hairstylist
6 357 householders searched for a plumber or an electrician
41 245 buyers searched for real estate or property in the last 2 months
40 687 customers searched for a home improvement in the last 3 months
42 039 people searched for an SA business or Business Directory online in the last 4 months

More views of the Durban billboard by day

The interesection of Argyle and Umgeni Roads in Durban sees all of the traffic from Berea, Morningside, Musgrave, Overport and Florida heading towards the city, the beaches or the M4 north to Umhlanga pass by.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make a Test Booking

If you would like to make a test booking, you can.
We have set up a dummy Guesthouse - Zulu Lodge - which you can find on a search of our website or by clicking on this link :
Make a booking and fill in your details - it won't cost you but you will be able to see what is on offer to the public and the process involved in them making a booking - you will also receive an email and an sms confirming your "booking".

Monday, September 29, 2008

Booking module complete

Sjoe, it has been some time coming, but the boyz at Beyond Commerce, our web-developers, have just completed the Booking Module. There are still a few glitches, but it is awesome to see the project coming together and now being able to make a live booking on the internet.

With the launch of the Booking Module, our Billboard advertising is due to be launched too and October will see our huge billboard at the bottom of Argyle Road in Durban up and visible to all of Morningside and Berea drivers. Wow!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mad Matt

Here's Mad Matt, the marketing manager for Book Now and SAInfoNow and in the second photo Matt and Rob the new programmer and developer of the two websites, from the company Beyond Commerce, busy on the much-awaited booking module which is due to be released shortly.

Monday, August 11, 2008

SAInfoNow gets off the ground

Thanks to Mike, Rob, Matt and the team at Beyond Commerce, our freelance web developers, the sister site to being is about ready to launch.

The idea is that both Book Now! and SAInfoNow will be competing SA business Online Directories. Both will have links to advertisers who accept bookings online through the site. Ultimately, SAInfoNow will be a comprehensive business directory for South African businesses, whereas Book Now! will be a site purely of businesses who do accept online bookings - restauants, guesthouses, doctors, optometrists, plumbers etc.

The data base of each website is presently linked so that anyone who registers on the Book Now! site will automatically be listed on the SAInfoNow site. In this way businesses who do want to take advantage of the huge surge in business that is being done online, will be able FREE of charge * though our sites to have their company represented online. * unless a Premium listing is selected which places them ahead of the free listings at a nominal rate of R350 per annum, plus VAT. Wow!! Incredible value.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here's the law-less Bots!!

The Law-ford family have teamed up with law-yer Dave Mc Naught to put the finishing touches to the Book Now! website as well as create the SAInfoNow site that has just been launched.
Mike Lawford is head of the company
Beyond Commerce and brother Rob Lawford is creator of the bots - SAInfo Bot (right) and Search Bot (left) which can be seen on the new site and pictured here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book Now! at East Coast House & Garden Show

The Book Now! advertising campaign is rolling out and will be in evidence at the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show next week. The aim is to ensure the quality of business listings on the Book Now! website so that each search returns useful information.

Already our google ads have been displayed over 120 000 times in the first month and these figures are spiralling.

Meet the Programmer

Here's Shvek Singh - Book Now's web programmer. Shvek is busy putting the finishing touches to the Book Now booking module which is due to go live within days. We were anxious to go live and get our listings up and running with the booking module to follow and this is thankfully imminent. Well done Shvek on an outstanding job so far.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Book Now biz buzzing

Meet Matt Penney, Marketing guru for Book Now! who has been handling the Durban Highway area meeting biznesses and helping get the online directory flying since it's launch 2 weeks ago.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Get your Book Now! Franchise

If you've got marketing flair and business skills, you can now get a Book Now! Franchise and your slice of the online pie.
Franchises are available in select areas of South Africa and can ensure that you grow as the online booking business in South Africa grows as well. Indications are that this will become one of the fastest internet growth areas - online bookings. Get your slice of the pie by clicking on the email link (see above) on the franchise page of our site and completing the information required.

Live on the net...

The Book website was officially launched on the net on Wednesday 28 May 2008 going live with 15 000 businesses listed. This is just the beginning and with the sister site SA Info Now! we expect to have South Africa covered with both a comprehensive listing of South African businesses coupled with the ability to book services, restaurant tables and guesthouse rooms online. The sky is the limit. Congratulations to webmaster Shvek on getting us up and running. We are now making adjustments to the site and building the booking module.
Premium Listing - also introduced was our Premium listing with enhanced features and the ability once registered to place your business in the top 20 of the search results.