Monday, November 3, 2008

Free link up - two great options to get Bookings

There are now two options to get the Book Now module up and running for your business.

The first is FREE setup and NO annual premiums, and a commission charge of 9,5% of the value of the booking received off our site.
The second option is our highly successful small annual setup/subscription service at R350 per annum (Premium listing) or R525 per annum (Premium Plus listing) with a 9,5% or 11,5% booking charge for bookings received.

The Premium and Premium Plus listings appear above the free annual subscription listings.

And if you are likely to get many bookings, or rates drop on a sliding scale to as little as R3,50 per booking!! This is highly competitive and unique in the market place.

50% growth in one month!!

The month of October recorded a phenomenal 50% growth over September's users of the Book Now website, ending with 5300 recorded unique visits by the end of the day and over 110 000 hits on the site. This is amazing results for the few weeks that Book Now has been in existence.

With the website fully functional we are taking on Book Now advertisers on a daily basis all wanting to make sure their services and products are bookable at a click by the thousands of inernet users looking for immediate results and answers to their booking queries. You can upgrade your account to the Booking Module by clicking on the radio button under your business details page. If you are not already an advertiser, click on the Registration button now.