Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're up in the night lights

Our new Durban Billboard is up and running at the major intersection of Argyle and Umgeni Roads!!! Wow!! We look good in the night lights. Have you Booked? And if your business is not yet listed... go for it now - register here.

Book Now Marketing Manager, Matt Penney, with our Durban billboard by day.

Some Google stats : The number of people who searched in South Africa in the last 4 months for which our Book Now advert appeared-

46 030 guests searched on Google for a hotel, B&B or Guesthouse
21 618 patients searched for a doctor, dentist or optometrist
22 472 patrons searched for a restaurant
11 199 clients searched for an attorney
2 824 clients searched for a hairdresser or hairstylist
6 357 householders searched for a plumber or an electrician
41 245 buyers searched for real estate or property in the last 2 months
40 687 customers searched for a home improvement in the last 3 months
42 039 people searched for an SA business or Business Directory online in the last 4 months

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